Peaks of the Week

The nuts celebrated a birthday this week! Cat rang in her 26th year under the perfect conditions, during the warmest of weekends with crowds of close friends, cool beers and refreshing pools nearby. Meanwhile, Jess traveled out West for well-deserved time off… a week chock-full of peaks!

Kate’s peak was celebrating Cat’s bday with pink bubbles. Cheers to her 26th year!


Cat’s birthday celebrations highlighted her week! Among the drinks, gifts and wild festivities it was the people who went above and beyond to celebrate with her that meant the most.


Jess spent the past week in gorgeous Vancouver – a lovely vacation filled with the sands of Kitsilano beach, nights out in Gastown and live music at the Biltmore Cabaret, to name only a few things.


Meghan’s peak was the first annual Tom Lalumiere Memorial Tournament where the ladies spent the day zooming around in a golf cart while supporting a great cause!


I escaped to my cottage after an extremely hectic month of work… spent the weekend doing pretty much nothing, and enjoying every minute of it : )


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