Obsessing over….

Miss Vicky’s Jalepeno Chips. The Office. Pearl Earings. Reese’s Pieces. …RYAN GOSLING…
These are all things I’ve been obsessed with at one time or another. Or currently. We inanutshell gals are all about relating to our readers. So if there’s anything we can understand it’s being totally and utterly obsessed with any given thing for any given period of time. Call them trends, call them phases or call them unhealthy addictions when we become hopelessly devoted to a song, tv show, beauty product, style, article of clothing, boy, or anything else we can get our paws on. With so much to catch our eyes you can bet that these flavour’s of the month can often become flavours of the week, or even day. Here’s the part where we let you in on what’s caught our eye for the moment.
A new feature on your favourite blog… that we know (/hope) you’re obsessed with. :)


Obsession: David Guetta ft. Usher song “Without You”.

Somehow it takes me back to the era of disco, with a fun upbeat dance beat. Basically just makes me smile everytime it comes on and I can’t help but dance (awkwardly) in work cubicle/room/kitchen/car… Repeat is an awesome function.


Obsession: Clarins Raspberry Sorbet Lipstick

It’s the perfect creamy consistency, long-lasting and versatile – one swipe adds a rosey pink and a few layers makes for a deeper corporate red. Also, smells a hint like raspberry so you get that adorable feel like you’re a preteen in lip smackers!


Obsession: Fishtail braid

When this coiffing couture first became a trendy way to syle your locks I was baffled. I watched how-to videos, DIY videos (more than one of them) and still could not master the fishtail braid without it immediately falling out. After a few practice runs, this is currently my obsession and go-to style for hair that doesn’t want to be blow dried and styled.


Obsession: Essie’s “ballet slippers” polish

I’m one of those people that (almost!) always has their nails painted. I think you could call it an obsession in itself. One chip and I’ll redo the whole set. It’s a problem. But, recently I’ve just fallen in love with Essie’s “ballet slippers” polish. It’s got the slightest touch of pink but will leave your nails looking understated and feminine. Plus, the dancer in me can’t help but love the name. Too cute.