Beckta Releases 8 Course Tasting Menu !

8 years ago there was change in Ottawa. Ever so slight (but certainly not unnoticed) there was a change in the way Ottawa perceived hospitality and fine dining. This shift came about when restauranteur Stephen Beckta opened his first restaurant: Beckta Dining and Wine. Since its opening Beckta has found itself amongst the top 10 restaurants in Ottawa, more often than not sniping the gold medal. On it’s 8th anniversay, to celebrate it’s success and the people who have welcomed fine dining into their lives, Beckta has blessed us with a mouth watering, 8 course extravaganza.

           Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m just like every other Canadian gal who needs to pinch pennies in order to save for that next big splurge. And that’s exactly why Thursday night was my first ever visit to this Ottawa culinary institute. The 8 course tasting menu is priced at $125, with a $75  wine pairing (which I happily opted out of in order to spare my wallet). I bet you’re  rolling your eyes like “whoah”. Trust me, the splurge was worth it. What Beckta has created is an entire evening of adventure for the person who loves to eat (isn’t that everybody!?). Now, let me take you through the ride, course by course:

Tuna sashimi with nori vinaigrette & ponzu

Rabbit rillette with ramp paint & dijon mustard

BC spot prawn with hiyashi wakame* and hollandaise. *seaweed salad

My favourite dish! 7 grain risotto with tempura fries fiddleheads and fresh goat cheese. Unique and seasonally perfect!

Inanutshell contributor, Catherine, accompanied me on this adventure- she is averse to mushrooms of any sort, but she liked the ones from this particular dish! See below

Dig in to spatch-cockerel with brandy cream jus & blue foot mushrooms- one of our favourite courses!

lamb "tagine" style*, preserved lemon, grilled potato and truffle** - * tagine style is a Moroccan/indian stew, ** truffle is the best thing in the world- learn it, love it.

Trio of sorbet: buttermilk, ginger (warning: SPICY!), avocado

 If you are wondering where course # 8 is . . .  it was in my tummy before I had a chance to photograph it. You’ll have to visit Beckta and try this fabulous 8 course menu to find out! Now, back to the barbecue! Happy Long Weekend, Nuts!