5 Minutes to Mouthwatering

You can characterize my life by the following four words: always. on. the. go.
I’m often praised, teased and criticized for the amount of hours I spend working or flying from one social event to the other. Boring is my antithesis.
Though I love having a full schedule it also makes for some sticky situations. Be ready in twenty minutes? Fly across town in ten? Be two places at once? Or my latest feat, make a delicious, sophisticated, book club worthy (book club post to come), appetizer in five short minutes?
If you’re a woman on the go, you will one day thank your lucky stars you took these next five, oh so precious, minutes to read this post…

Olive Oil
Fresh Mozzarella (I bought mine at NiCastro’s in the Glebe, Ottawa)
Cherry or “cocktail” tomatoes


Take a baking sheet and lay out as many Triscuits as you need. Then grab a cutting board and slice the mozzarella into thin strips and place them on the triscuits. Slice the tomatoes too and put them in a separate bowl.

Mozzarella sliced, tomatoes diced

Pour a little bit of olive oil into the tomato bowl and shake in some basil. Stir it all up so that the basil evenly coats the tomates!

basil, meet tomato

Now place each tomato slice over the existing mozzarella slices and you’re set! Pop into the oven to broil at 250 degrees for less than five minutes and you have a DELISH snack that makes you look gourmet and only ever so slightly, fashionably, late.

Ready to go!

I didn’t get a picture of the final product with the yummy, gooey cheese post-oven … perhaps because they were all gone in a flash?

have I mentioned one of my favourite words is "YUM"

Could have made this in the time you read my little post. Now girl, don’t you have somewhere to be? Time’s a wastin’ …

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