Rock Fashion Muse

I think that for the most part, any big music lover’s life features the dream, or at least the curious interest in, someday becoming a rock star themselves. This dream doesn’t require any sort of musical talent or even an ounce of stage confidence; trust me, I have only a little of the former (I can hit a note, I suppose) and although I consider myself fairly outgoing, I surprisingly have next-to-none of the latter. Put me on a stage in the dark with only two audience members, and I could figure it out. Otherwise, I don’t really have the ingredients to be what one would call a rock star.

So, I settle for a lot of performing in my underwear. Often I’m home alone, inconspicuously hopping atop my bed to songs like ‘Try a Little Tenderness’, ‘Monster Hospital’ or ‘Almost Crimes’, until someone knocks at my door and the music zips to a halt like an awkward party scene from a teen movie. When you can’t headline a festival or play guitar with your teeth, sometimes this is the only alternative. And, anyone who tries to say they’ve never indulged in this behaviour has pants that are currently on fire.

Since I’m not a rock star, I just love to live vicariously through those brave females who are. Those wicked, sweeter-than-pie but ruthlessly talented young gals that know how to rip a riff on their guitar and pick a bone with the microphone. I can’t get enough. And, if they can pull all of that on-stage sweating, speaking and creative-thinking off while looking classically beautiful – then even more power to them. A notable rock fashion icon for me, is undoubtedly Ms. Annie Clark – the songstress under the American indie-pop moniker St. Vincent. Aside from being a well-respected artistic mastermind who’s played alongside The National, Bon Iver and Tom Waits – Annie is also an absolute knock-out whose trendy looks match her stylish vocals. Clark mimics classic 40s-feminine flair, easily incorporating the forward-thinking era fashion into her contemporary vintage look. She is effortlessly gorgeous in her tiny sprite-like figure, so much so that you would expect sparkling pixie-dust to toss from her guitar strings every time she plucks under the spotlight.

Here are some of Annie’s most wonderful fashion moments:

                                        Classic and romantic 40s-esque look:

Casually cool and simple, vintage-inspired chic:

Funky sunglasses collection, necessary for any rocker gal:

Understated make-up for a fresh-faced fairy:



Want to hear this little pixie belt it out? Here is her lovely calming cover of Jackson Browne’s “These Days” as well as the newest St. Vincent track, the funky and atmospheric “Surgeon“. She can really do it all, in a nutshell.