Friday’s Fashion Fix

Let’s be clear, Friday’s the best day of the week. I’m under the impression that it’s the slowest work day because no one cares anymore? Just me? K.

Anywho, why not make this splendid day that we furiously celebrate with #TGIF hashtags as though we are rewarded for it, better? Better with a bit of fashion, brought to you every Friday at some point between 9 and 5 (ahem …). Fashion is quite the broad term, I know, but it alliterates with ‘Friday’ so just accept it, you judgemental nut. By fashion, I mean, style, by style I mean, stylish people, by ‘fix’ I mean, one stylish person, one picture, one quick inspiration for your very own ‘fashion’ sense that may make you change things up, or just day dream, and what else are Fridays for but day dreaming? K. To the point:

This first Friday Fashion Fix is brought to you by the king of Street Style, they like to call him, The Sartorialist. If you’re an avid fan, you may recognize this shot from 2010, but that’s pretty far back, so you’re a bit nuts, but we like that around here.

So this lovely lady is just hangin’ on the street corner in Milan, talking on the phone. She looks so laid back and chic, it’s quite impressive actually. This look can be achieved so easily: loose-fitting shorts and a draped T, aviators, messy hair, pumps and some gold accents. Also, model-esque legs and that European je ne sais quoi. The look is simple and gorgeous. Wearing it with your everyday sandals would work just as well too. It’s the perfect airy feel for a heat wave like this one. #TGIF #BacktoWork #Kinda



  1. Ahh, this just helped me choose WHAT TO WEAR for tonights bbq! :-)

    Will happily subscribe to your blog.

    Lauren Conrad FANS @

    Mwah X

  2. Nice outfit :)) The shirt is so cool!

  3. Kaylee Pare says:

    Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed. Cute style Mai!

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