Friday’s Fashion Fix

Sometimes, rather than gazing at your ideal outfit, or one that you could only wish to duplicate, it’s nice to simply draw inspiration from your surroundings. The weather, a blossoming park or the vivacity of a city; so many things can influence the way we dress, just like every designer who pulls insight from Asia, the desert or any given setting.

The most obvious fashion capital that has so many people inspired each year, is Paris. Breton stripes, a red beret, a silk neck-tie or even the less obvious black skinny jean/leather jacket combo à la Emanuelle Alt, always scream Parisian style, proving that one city, no matter how far, can make its mark in your very own wardrobe.

Since I’ve just returned from my first trip to the city of light, I thought I’d share some of my photos, which as you know, have as much to do with fashion as Anna Dello Russo and her latest fruit chapeau. Bonne journée, mes amis et vive le Paris!

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