Friday’s Fashion Fix

J. Crew Holiday

The best seasonal inspiration comes from lookbooks new and old, editorials, street style and, most of all, the images you’ve saved on your desktop for months on end. These pictures have stood out to you among thousands of styles and pieces, and these are the ones that will inspire you to try something new or to invest in a piece you’ve noticed in your photos more than once. As the seasons come and go, some of these images become irrelevant and others are unexciting after a while. I find the best way to get it all sorted (what you love this season, that is) is to take the time to create a season board. As January approaches, winter is on its way to full maturity and those suede boots and that military jacket you’ve been sporting ’til the bitter end, must now be replaced with rubber and down (respectively).
I always leave a spot in my bedroom that gives me free range for magazine cut-outs, lookbook pin-ups and blog print-outs that will keep me on my toes throughout the season. You’ll find my Winter Board below (to be elaborated upon as the season rolls through), as well as some frosty photos that will surely have you embrace the chilly, wool-infested Canadian winter we have ahead of us. And most of all, have you envisioning a perfectly dreamy, white Christmas …in a nutshell.

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