Friday’s Fashion Fix

On this glorious Friday morning I am, shall we say, ‘under the weather’ from a late night at the ‘library’ last night. Some real page turners in there. In lieu of my tired eyes and laissez faire perception of this day, I bring you a Fashion Fix inspired by comfort and ease. We all have those days where tight jeans and high heels just won’t do, so we reach for an oversized sweater and anything draped. I know what you’re thinking, you don’t look like these girls do on said days (no offence if that’s not the case, but common, think about it.) Even so, take notes from these ladies who effortlessly pull of the oversized, cozy, draped look. Pairing a loose, long sweater with a maxi skirt? Who knew.

PS- Stay tuned for my post tomorrow, where I outline the woes of packing for a 3 month backpacking excursion!


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