Friday’s Fashion Fix

Friday’s Fashion Fix started off (in July 2011) as a place to post one look to inspire you for the weekend ahead; full of possibilities for experimentation and fresh styling. Since then, I’ve certainly expanded the horizons for this weekly post – offering trends, styling suggestions, shopping tips, and so on – but sometimes, simplicity reigns.

Since bloggers and amateur photographers have begun to take over the fashion world, street style has become the new form of style obsession. Celebs, runways and editorials take the backseat to all the shots we see of regular people wearing whatever they happen to be wearing that day. As much as I’m easily drawn to the photos of stunning editors and rich socialites strutting to runway shows, I mostly love to see an everyday woman, who could easily be my neighbor, captured on her way to do groceries. Now that is style I can relate to. In a nutshell, it’s edited people watching for the style curious.

Below, a genius rendition of winter layering. A reformed dress length mixed with moto boots and a leather jacket – simplicity at its best.


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