Farewell To Our Fabulous Fashionista

Every now and again you meet somebody who’s just going places. I mean this in the figurative sense; in that this person won’t really ever take the backseat to going after what they want. I also mean this in the very literal sense; in that tomorrow, one of our favourite girls is boarding a jet plane to see the world.

We don’t usually delve too much into discussions of our personal and professional successes or downfalls on Nutshell; we tend to pursue the humility and humour path in our storytelling. But sometimes, some sharing and bragging is due when it comes to one of our very own. Tomorrow, Kaylee leaves on the romantic voyage of a lifetime, and we couldn’t be more proud. A girl who strives endlessly to be the best possible friend, daughter and girlfriend, someone who takes initiative and learns astronomically fast in order to speed-walk her dream career path, and someone who always wants to believe in the good of others – is finally taking her own little backpacking adventure. Someone fabulous, who ALSO just celebrated her 23rd birthday with us on Sunday, deserves more than a little airtime.

Here are some things you might not have known about the jetsetter/birthday girl at hand…

– Kaylee works in fashion. That’s right – it isn’t just a hobby – it’s a passion and a lifestyle.

– She is an amazing singer. When this sister belts out “Killing Me Softly” or “Ego” (with the utmost ‘tude) by Beyonce, we all get chills. Allison cries.

– When we order caesars (so, every meal), Kaylee goes mild not wild. Even the slightest hint of spice makes this girl’s eyes water.

– Kaylee has another group of 6 best friends from her hometown of MTL, who love and support each other just as much.

– Kaylee used to be the conqueror of all things wild. Taking extensive canoe trips deep into the wilderness, Kaylee came back unbathed, hair unbrushed and unafraid of anything.

– Kaylee and her travel buddy have been together for many years, and share an unbreakable bond.

– Kaylee can figure out anything technological in about four minutes.

– Kaylee came into our lives a little later in the university game, but is now someone we couldn’t imagine our lives without.

Plain and simple – she really will do amazing things in her life. We are so proud to have met her during these integral years in our young adulthood, and are happy she’s put everything else on hold so that she can go live wildly off a map for three months. We’ll of course hear from her now and again, but in the mean time – are just so happy she’s taken this wonderful leap.

So, HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY, BON VOYAGE and we love you dearly, you truly fabulous woman!


In one word, Kaylee is: Wonderful.
Kaylee’s biggest pet peeve is: people under-appreciating the magic that is Beyonce.
You’ll never find Kaylee: trying to sneak alcohol into an event under her dress ever, ever again.
My favourite day with Kaylee: was during my solo mission to visit her in Montreal. We darted around the city trying to recover my lost wallet from ‘Maureen’. (I thought we had something special…)
My favourite night with Kaylee: The flip cup tournament where we were ridiculously outrageous. Kaylee legitimately screamed at our pseudo-photographer ‘TAKE THE PICTURE!’ with the utmost aggression, in an attempt to document the TT’s drunken-love.
I would build Kaylee: Carrie Bradshaw’s closet, so that she has enough room to house all of her fabulous clothes, shoes and accessories. Also, once it was built, I would lie in it with her, just like Carrie and Big did, because we are just as in love as they were.
One of Kaylee’s best lines ever was: at the cottage weekend. “Guys! I got these from my DAD…Who DOES that!?”
One thing I hope Kaylee brings back from her trip: a bottle of European tequila that we will obviously drink in one sitting.
In 5 years, you’ll find Kaylee: running a fabulous magazine, married to the love of her life, living in a home filled with an assortment of furry animals, dressed to the nine’s, coordinating my accessories (still), and loving her life to the fullest. This girl is going places and I couldn’t be more excited to be along for the ride!

Meggo visits MTL


In one word, Kaylee is: motivated
Kaylee’s biggest pet peeve is: when shit gets weird.
You’ll never find Kaylee: without a “ring on it”.
My favourite day with Kaylee: The day 4 out of 5 nuts, sat together in Kaylee’s kitchen, howled with laughter, tweeted vigorously at Ellen and came up with one of the best ideas we’ve ever had, inanutshell.
My favourite night with Kaylee: MTL 2010, the second night, when we took copious shots with Dee and danced our hearts out, mainly on Kaylee’s kitchen bar
I would build Kaylee: a Kate-sized suitcase so she could bring me along on her European adventure
One of Kaylee’s best lines outfits ever was: the dress she wore to RCB, looking like the true fasionista that she is.
One thing I hope Kaylee brings back from her trip is: inspiration enough to propel ourselves to Ellen. Straight up.
In 5 years you’ll find Kaylee: Incredibly successful, giving out a healthy dose of “divatude” to all those she knows and loves, writing for a fashion magazine, happily in love and inspiring all those around her.

The great RCB outfit...


In one word, Kaylee is: Extraordinary
Kaylee’s biggest pet peeve is: Being ringless or not having painted nails.
You’ll never find Kaylee: Not up to date with trends or surprised when I aggressively maul her Siamese cat.
My favourite day with Kaylee: The first time I ever got a Beyonce performance from her while driving to MTL, featuring finger snaps and a whole lot of attitude. I had no idea she was a) a Beyonce enthusiast and b) so ghetto.
My favourite night with Kaylee: Either the second night at her cottage when I’ve never laughed harder, or one of the most recent times we were coaxed into going to the party bar – and a very loose-goosey Kaylee insisted on dancing on top of the bar even though both of us hate dancing on bars and we had absolutely no fans cheering us on.
I would build Kaylee: The world’s most extravagant walk-in closet featuring a nail-polish shelving unit, or the computer system that picks a perfect outfit from your digital bank of clothing and accessories, circa the movie Clueless.
One of Kaylee’s best lines ever was: “Guys, I’m like a crazy fire girl.” Or “Who DOES that?”/ “Like, what is WITH that?”
One thing I hope Kaylee brings back from her trip is: A fascinating glimpse into European trends, and an exotic hunk who will say things to me in a language I don’t understand.
In 5 years, you’ll find Kaylee: A features writer for a fashion magazine out of Toronto or NYC, more stylish and successful than we could have imagined, married, and donating her cat Shady to me…

Kay performing for her audience (Jess)


In one word, Kaylee is: adorable
Kaylee’s biggest pet peeve is: when people take her parking spot after she’s pulled about 7 U-turns
You’ll never find Kaylee: being a bad friend
My favourite day with Kaylee: Hanging out on her SICK rooftop patio last summer, when she lived just across the street, sipping on drinks, painting toenails, flipping through magazines, sitting in kiddie pools and playing a drinking game or ten.
My favourite night with Kaylee: RCB 2010 when we made up for the lack of T-Trains presence and bought tequila shots with $100 bills, danced with our shoes off and filled our mouths with munchies to save our lives.
I would build Kaylee: a teleportation machine so she could come visit us whenever she pleases since I do not see her nearly enough!
One of Kaylee’s best lines ever was: Speaking to Kate: “You were unwakeable, passed out. And then you were up and dancing like a slu…”
One thing I hope Kaylee brings back from her trip is: a handsome, smart, funny, sweet man for me, preferably with an accent, who will bring me back to Europe with him to live happily ever after (like please actually do this… )
In 5 years, you’ll find Kaylee: Stylish – as always. So loved by all around her – as always. Spontaneous – as always. And very successful writing for the fashion section of a major magazine… Or maybe, just maybe, basking in millions after founding a popular blog with four of her best buds ;)

Partners in Crime - RCB 2010!


In one word, Kaylee is: Chic.
Kaylee’s biggest pet peeve is: probably when I ask her to sing for me EVERY single time I’m drunk (although I know how much she loves me so I can always twist her arm).
You’ll never find Kaylee: not looking fashionable.
My favourite day with Kaylee: was at her cottage in January when she informed me she packed a special treat for us – delicious, homemade cookies. The tasty kind.
My favourite night with Kaylee: was when we bumped into each other in MTL in 4th year while I was at a business conference (lame) – and she sang Lauryn Hill’s “Killing me Softly” for me on the bar’s patio, in perfect harmony with Carrie on speakerphone.
I would build Kaylee: A closet like Carrie Bradshaw’s in the SATC movie for her fabulous wardrobe and collection of shoes, bags and jewellery.
One thing I hope Kaylee brings back from her trip is: a European man for me – and a funky accessory from every country she visits.
In 5 years, you’ll find Kaylee: as the Editor in Chief of some major fashion magazine in NYC, or a stylist amongst the likes of Rachel Zoe outfitting celebrities from head to toe. She will be famous. Brilliant, and famous.

Surprise sighting in MTL, 2009!


In one word, Kaylee is: Driven
Kaylee’s biggest pet peeve is: Dumb girls, particularly at keggers.
You’ll never find Kaylee: looking unfashionable
My favourite day with Kaylee: Last summer when we were packing up her apartment but frequently took breaks to either drink beer or to watch “Say yes to the dress”. Or, the pub-crawls with Hell’s Kitchen and Sin City.
My favourite night with Kaylee: The first night of our girls weekend at Kaylee’s cottage in January when immediately upon arrival the wine was cracked upon. Kaylee had me for secret Santa gave me a hilarious rhyming card, that we both couldn’t stop laughing while I read it because it was so ridiculous. The rest of the night consisted of a lot of wine, tequila shots, and lots of dancing.
I would build Kaylee: World’s largest walk-in closet.
One of Kaylee’s best lines ever was: “This is Jenn, we like to judge people together”. Kaylee to the Montreal girls at the BBQ after the United Way carwash.
One thing I hope Kaylee brings back from her trip is: a whole lot of hilarious stories, and beautiful new clothing.
In 5 years, you’ll find Kaylee: Working as an editor for a fashion magazine in Toronto or Montreal. She will be happily married and maybe will even have a baby on the way! No matter where Kaylee is she will be always remain a true and loyal friend to the people in her life.

Cottage 2011: Easily one of the world's most ridiculous poems...

And if we miss you and don’t know where to turn…


  1. Dee says:

    To my own baby girl who has made me proud in so many ways. I wish you a journey that holds adventures & encounters to cherish for life & mostly a safe return to all of us who hold you dear.
    And to all your bff’s, our doors are always open to you! Mom xoxox

  2. Kaylee Pare says:

    I will keep this amazing letter with me forever girls, words can’t express what your friendship means to me. Jess, you write so beautifully. Love you, miss you xoxo

  3. Hello, just wanted to tell you, I loved this blog post. It was funny. Keep on posting!

  4. eddie says:

    I truly appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing….

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