Fall Fashion: Making an Easy Transition

As far as seasons go, summer is certainly a fan favourite. People seem to be at their happiest, basking in the sunlight, enjoying the outdoors, traveling, drinking and loving life. But as August creeps on, there are a select few of us who anticipate the beauty that is Fall fashion. No other season gifts us with as much variety, as much texture and as much rule-breaking. Those few months are the only ones where Summer shorts, Spring shoes and Winter wools can all be worn at once, and when so many trends come and go, that it’s all up to you to find that signature look.

Although it surely is exciting, it can also be a bit daunting. Your overly summery pieces need to find their place in storage, and many of your Winter favourites creep back  into your mind space. How does it all come together? Here are a few things you’ll need to stock up on to ensure Winter hibernation is without interruption.

More is More
Rather than setting out to purchase dozens of large wool sweaters, look to your summer knits, and pair them with a denim jacket or a buttoned up blouse.  Truth is, no matter how many people try to force minimalism on the fashion world, the layered look will never go out of style.

Top it Off
A great jacket is key in every season – there’s the Summer trench, the Winter down, the Summer linen and the Fall leather/military jacket. If you’ve got a versatile piece to throw on over just about anything, you’ll be cozy all of autumn. Venture outside your comfort zone and look to all those Fall textures that make it the most exciting season for fashion.

Quick Fix
If you think about it, it’s slightly humorous that we consider this barely-there material to be a key transition piece. But truly, nylons and tights can make most summer dresses and skirts cool-weather appropriate, keeping your mind and budget at ease. Choosing between sheer and opaque can depend on the occasion, the outfit and the weather, but I’d say that a fancier occasion calls for sheer, while opaque can take on more of a daytime role – and thrives in our Canadian winters.

Key Investment: Great pants
I hate buying pants. Always have, always will. That’s why I’ve accumulated so many tops throughout the years, because they’re simply more fun to peruse the racks for. But let me tell you from experience, a person in serious need of new pants will not survive the Winter. Invest in pants you’ll be proud to show off, because once the snow gets here, they’re really all you’ve got. Try new colours, patterns, cuts and brands…Your Fall/Winter wardrobe will improve tenfold as a result.

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