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Chickpeas is sure to please

A house of hummus. The turf of tabouleh. Ottawa’s newest Lebanese lean-to. Well, it’s actually much more than a lean-to: Chickpeas is a gorgeous space and might just be my […]


Ottawa Wine and Food Festival

A night of food, wine and fun is high up on ‘nutshell’s priority list this weekend – and it should be on yours, too! Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Ottawa’s Wine […]


Exploring Spring, in Ottawa

Well, there was a frost bite warning in place last night. And the first day of Spring is, that’s right, tomorrow. But that hasn’t stopped us from embracing the idea […]


Strike a Balance

Almost a decade ago,  I remember deciding that my life needed a more even dispersion of activities, priorities and interests. I printed off the word “BALANCE” in bold, black letters on […]

clock countdown

A Post to Toast to 2014!

How time flies. And how quickly things can change in 365 days.  Engagements, vacations and new (furry) additions to our families have made for an incredible year filled with many […]


Happy birthday Mama Meghan

Meghan is one of the youngest of the nuts, but you’d never know it. This beautiful woman is so accomplished, so smart, so sure of who she is that she […]


Happy 26th Catty Boo

Catherine. Catty. Catty Boo. C-Boo. Catlink. Kitts. CK. Cathleen. Kitty. The Black Stallion. Kitty Cat. Whatever you call her, you have one million reasons to love her and today, on […]

the great gatsby header

Gatsby Fever

The Roaring Twenties: an era characterized by cultural rebellion during a period of economic luxury in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and, of course, New York.  The United States gained […]