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Tips & Tricks for Making the Most of the Ottawa Wine & Food Festival

It’s that time of year! Ottawa Wine and Food Festival time! This is an event that we look forward to each and every year, not only because we have an […]


National Drink Wine Day

As a wine lover and trained sommelier, I simply couldn’t let “National Drink Wine Day” go unmarked… So, if you’re sitting at your desk and anticipating your chance to celebrate […]


Ottawa Wine and Food Festival

A night of food, wine and fun is high up on ‘nutshell’s priority list this weekend – and it should be on yours, too! Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Ottawa’s Wine […]


The only types of wine glasses you will ever need

Ah, the complicated and mystified world of wine. As the Sotheyby’s Wine Encyclopedia informs us, there are an overwhelming 1,368  wine grape varieties. People dedicate years of their lives to studying these […]

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Rosewood Estates gives in a nutshell a taste

Fashion, food, music, life. This slogan has embodied our blog from day one and, really, couldn’t be more accurate. A space of discovery for the things that we care about […]


Say YES to NOvember in Ottawa

There’s been a theme on in a nutshell this week… it’s getting colder. Graced with unseasonably warm fall weather, our little corner of Canada is starting to get a bit […]


Wine guide for the taster in training

It was almost two years ago when I tasted my absolute favourite wine. It was an oddball, it made me think and each sip revealed a new layer, a new […]


Wine to serve with the bird: Thanksgiving Edition

White with fish, red with meat: a conformist’s take on food and wine pairings. But a love of food combined with some knowledge of wine does not a conformist make. […]

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Falling for The Falls: A first timer’s guide to Niagara

I would say I’m fairly well traveled. Not overly so, but I’ve been to 5 of 7 continents, climbed the Great Wall, snorkeled the Barrier Reef, surfed in the Pacific […]


Looking forward to fall in Ottawa

Arguably one of the most beautiful seasons to grace the Ottawa region, Fall sometimes comes with a little bit of haste. As the days get shorter, our schedules get busier […]