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St Louis 3

Hot Wings & Sweet Memories: St. Louis Turns 10

There are many things that can make a restaurant great. It can be exquisitely prepared dishes, or creative craft cocktails. Maybe it’s a beautifully designed space, or a memory of […]


Mulligans: a new golf game in town

In the game of golf, a “mulligan” refers to a chance to do-over a shot. So, when a golf bar called Mulligans opens in downtown Ottawa, you can’t help but […]

Panaga Panorama

Panago Pizza Ottawa

Ok, I’ll say it. We’re pizza monsters. As much as we try to eat well, exercise and generally live a healthy lifestyle, pizza will always be one of our vices. […]


Fairouz Ottawa

Ottawa has gone through a dry spell this year. There have been few restaurant openings and even fewer who have made a really big splash. So, when you discover an […]


Springing into Pure Kitchen (Elgin)

Ottawans, look outside. This is about as miserable as it gets. Not only did we get 50 centimetres of snow in 24 hours last week—forcing us to shovel our driveways […]


Veg: The Plant-Based Food Trend of 2016

An average restaurant menu in Ottawa consists of many things: a few seafood dishes, a handful of meat and poultry options, side dishes and, usually, a couple of vegetarian options.   […]


Cacao 70 Lansdowne

I have a confession: I don’t like chocolate. *Cue shock, awe, gasps and glares from everyone reading this* As much as you might not believe me (or might not be […]

Takeout Sign


If you’re from Ottawa, then you are likely familiar with El Camino. Located on Elgin Street, this tasty place opened up a few years back and has been a consistent […]


Partaking in the Patio at Joey Lansdowne

For Ottawans, there is literally nothing better after enduring a long, harsh winter than enjoying the warm summer weather on a patio…with a great drink in hand. Last night, I […]

fauna food and bar2

Fauna of Ottawa

fau·na ˈfônə,ˈfänə noun 1. the animals of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.    “the flora and fauna of Siberia”     synonyms: wildlife, animals, living creatures    “She […]