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Host(ess) with the Most: Hot Holiday Bevvies

Even though the weather forecast doesn’t seem to be projecting a white Christmas, we still think that a nice hot bevvy is exactly what we need to put us into […]


Gift Guide: For the Fitness Fanatic

Everybody knows somebody who belongs to the #fitfam. It’s your friend that continually astonishes you with their ability to wake up at an ungodly hour, make a protein shake and […]

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Get Professionally Organized

I live by lists. It would be impossible not to. Even though I’m the kind of person who could “plan” a trip with few details—leaving the rest to spontaneity and […]


Ottawa Wine and Food Festival

A night of food, wine and fun is high up on ‘nutshell’s priority list this weekend – and it should be on yours, too! Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Ottawa’s Wine […]


Ottawa’s Newest Fitness Trend: Dailey Interval

“Continuous exercise can produce short-term euphoria, an affective state associated with feelings of profound contentment, elation, and well-being.” In other words, when your heart is pumping, your heart is happy. […]

Wedding Tequila Train

Wedding Withdrawal: It’s a Real Thing

It’s the classic love story. After years of being together, one of your besties gets engaged to the love of her life. Hypothetically speaking, if you happened to be sailing […]


Long Weekend Struggle: To Rage or To Rest, That is the Question

Whether you’re doing this: [Osheaga, Montreal] or this: [Veld, Toronto] or this: [OVO, Toronto] or this: or this: or this: … we hope you have a lovely long weekend, Ontario.


Let Ottawa’s Best Month Begin!

Whenever people talk about visiting Ottawa, I always have the same piece of advice: come in July. Come for Canada Day, Bluesfest and Hope Beach. Come for the heat, the […]


Peaks of the Week

This past week, Meghan was busy giving the front of her house a much needed face-lift. After a long few days of working outside on home improvements, a trip to […]

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To The Next Step

Today is a big day for in a nutshell. A bittersweet one, but a big one. We started this blog on May 15, 2011. We were five best friends who […]